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And we wonder about mixed messages.....

by charac 5/22/2015
When does a houseguest cross the line?

by HandyManJoe66 5/22/2015
When do you Give up and Move on?

by HandyManJoe66 5/21/2015
Am I a Good Father?

by HandyManJoe66 5/21/2015
AFF and the BBB

by elastic_heart 5/21/2015
How to explain to someone that you are not fake

by maximusonfire 5/21/2015
I need some insight on this issue, please.

by CyndieL 5/21/2015

by 280scott 5/21/2015
Dominant Vs pushy

by Megan6627 5/21/2015
The look?

by ntnwillis98 5/21/2015
Secret obsession

by kantarii 5/21/2015
Face Piercings

by HBandito 5/21/2015

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