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Got a question? Have answers?
For those into hotwifing; One-Night Stands vs. FWB

by mulhervenus 8/28/2014

by kurveballer 8/28/2014
Mobile IM

by woodyfun62 8/28/2014
One for the long term members

by senofemminile 8/28/2014
Are men magicians?

by lacianna 8/28/2014
Lovers Children

by Ienjoythetaste 8/28/2014
Publishing sex stories

by kannanhoney 8/28/2014
Camming Quality.

by SuckMy8Plus 8/27/2014

by GanderFun28 8/27/2014
The Dollar Store...

by glendabear 8/27/2014
Just out of couriosity.

by nicco100 8/27/2014
Those who cuss, insult and blaspheme against those who ask/answer questions. Why?

by sollycr2 8/27/2014

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